Order IPCC-AR5 Data on Storage Media#

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Welcome to the IPCC AR5 storage media order webpage

For groups that do not have the capability to download IPCC AR5 data directly from the Data Distribution Center (DDC, http://www.ipcc-data.org ) of the IPCC, a data subset is made available on storage media (USB flash drives). Due to the amount of data these service has to be restricted to selected scenarios, the core variables of the DDC data sets, to subregions (areas) of the globe and to a single run per model.

Several Modeling Centers running General Circulation Models (GCM) made their results of climate scenarios available to the community by publishing their data in the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF). ETH Zurich collected selected experiments and variables in support of IPCC Working Group I AR5. The snapshot of the 15th March 2013 (the cutoff date for literature to be included in the WGI AR5 report) of this data was archived at the WDC Climate and is distributed by the IPCC-DDC. The data subset on DVD is based on this data.


If you wish to order data on storage media please contact data@dkrz.de providing information on the areas you are interested in.

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