DDC Support


Experiences of IPCC AR5 authors and an internal IPCC review showed two requirements:

  • IPCC authors need a collaboration platform with core CMIP6 and further data for the creation of figures and tables for the AR6.

  • The IPCC DDC at DKRZ requires knowledge about the CMIP6 data subset used by IPCC authors to build the IPCC DDC AR6 Reference Data Archive.

To meet these requirements a Virtual Workspace was set up using DKRZ’s facilities. The guide for IPCC authors how to register and use the Virtual Workspace is available at: http://bit.ly/IPCC_DKRZ_Virtual_Workspace.

Apart from the Virtual Workspace for IPCC authors, DDC Support aims to improve traceability and transparency of key results of the IPCC AR6. Recommendations on data citation in the AR6 and the documentation of data provenance including used scripts and the storage of data of figures, tables and headline statements are developed.

Further information on DDC Support activities: